What We Offer

A Well-Rounded Approach

At The Anti-Burnout Club we offer an expert-led, science-based approach to well-being. We know that a well-rounded approach to our mental and physical health is the key to reducing stress and improving our lives overall. That’s why we don’t just offer yoga or meditation.

We use our Five Foundations of Wellness framework to cover all key aspects of wellbeing. 

No other platform covers as many different aspects of well-being as we do, and we want your team to experience all of the incredible benefits that come from being a member of The Anti-Burnout Club.


Putting Your Employees First

Encouraging better well-being can help reduce stress and overwhelm, reduce employee turnover, increase retention, and make it easier to attract new talent too.

Our platform guides members on their own well-being journey with monthly spotlighted content, a curated calendar of our best lessons, and weekly live lessons too. This encourages members to come back daily and work, little by little, on improving their well-being. 

We can also work with you to create content, courses, Live lessons and more just for your employees. 

Making a Difference Together

The Anti-Burnout Club is on a mission to become a recognised Social Enterprise in the UK in an effort to give back to the community.

We already provide discounted memberships through the Blue Light Card, Benefits Everyone (Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust), and NASUWT the teachers’ union.

Over 50% of our current members are burnt out NHS employees… For every two of your employees, we pledge to provide another subsidised place for key workers, or for those who need it most.

Here's Everything You Get

Plus: optional extras at discounted rates, such as company retreats, face-to-face lessons, custom webinars, courses, and welcome packages. Make it your own!


We are a small, UK-based company with a real passion for improving well-being for all.

We are the only platform of its kind that offers everything in one place, and we do so in an expert-led, science-based way.

Our transparent pricing has been designed with every size of business in mind. We offer competitive packages which you can see here.

We work out cheaper than most gym memberships and other well-being platforms, whilst providing more in terms of content and variety too!

Our packages are on a rolling monthly basis, so you can upgrade, downgrade and cancel at any time. You’ll only be charged for your last month and the subscription will end on your next payment due date.

We have created transparent pricing packages based on the number of staff in a company. Each bracket you go up, you’ll receive the cheaper price point effective from your next monthly payment. Just let us know when you hire new employees!

Once you’re registered for one of our packages you’ll receive an email with full instructions.

All you need to provide is employee names and email addresses. We do not need any other identifying information and all employee information is secure and GDPR compliant.

We do the rest of the onboarding for you, which includes sending employees a welcome email/digital welcome package, alongside a well-being guide. We’re happy to customise these for you if you’d like specific information included, please just let your account manager know.

The workplace well-being webinars are created with management, HR and Talent Acquisition in mind.

Every quarter, we’ll look at some of the most recent takes on workplace well-being, such as 4-day work weeks, cultivating purpose in the workplace, the rise of remote working, and so on.

The next workplace well-being webinar will be held on the 15th December 2021. You will receive an email inviting you to this closer to the time.

Want to ask something we haven’t covered? Get in touch here.

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