Founding Member Launch 

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No More CEOverwhelm + The Business Fundamentals

Founding Member Launch

  • Our flagship No More CEOverwhelm course with six easily digestible modules to feel calmer and more in control of your business
  • We'll be covering goals, routine, structure, systems, processes, motivation, blocks, mindset, and more
  • BONUS for Founding Members: Access to our Fundamentals of Business course - consider this your Mini MBA! 
  • We'll be covering sales, marketing, finance, hiring and leadership, innovation, and so much more
  • BONUS for Founding Members: Lifetime access to all future updates and additions to both courses
  • BONUS for Founding Members: Lifetime access to all lives and replays
  • Twice a month live workshops and group coaching - one week on mindset and the other on business fundamentals
  • A gorgeous community space using the Heartbeat app
  • Optional one-to-one coaching with Bex
  • Content opens up on 30th May and will run for 12 weeks 
Join for The Founding Member Only Price of £79

What to expect:

Module 1: The Deep Dive

Consider this your business decluttering session. We'll look at all aspects of your business - what's working, what's not, what's making money, what's not, & hunt down any timer suckers too!

Module 2: Goal Getter

Once the Deep Dive is out of the way, we'll be setting some goals (together) that we want to achieve and putting in a step-by-step plan to start achieving them.

Module 3: Routines & Structure

They say the secret to success is in your daily routine, so this week we'll put together structure and routine that works for YOU.

Module 4: Systems, Processes & Automation

One of the biggest ways to avoid overwhelm and be able to focus on the things your business really needs is with super sexy systems and automation - so that's module 4!

Module 5: Motivation, Mindset & Your Blocks

Why do we keep putting off 'those things' (you know the ones). We'll be digging into the science of motivation and ditch whatever blocks you might be facing.

Module 6: Strategy Going Forward

How do we take everything we've learnt and continue to grow our businesses from there? Your final week will help you put together a solid strategy to keep growing.

BONUS: The Fundamentals of Business Course

Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance with the basics and founding members will get access to a whole other course to do just that! Some of the topics we'll be covering:

  • Marketing & PR
  • Sales and conversions
  • Customer service and retention
  • Innovation and testing ideas
  • Finance, cashflow & pricing
  • Leadership, hiring & delegation
  • And so much more - it's your course, so we'll be growing it as we go with what you need

BONUS: Live and Replays of ALL workshops - forever!

Every two weeks we'll get together to dig deeper into different topics - both from the CEOverwhelm course AND the business fundamentals course.

You'll be able to join these live on Zoom and have access to all the replays forever.

As we continue to update the courses, you'll also get lifetime access to anything new we add.

This means you'll have access to 100s of lessons, workshops and resources to come back to whenever you need them most.


Meet Bex Spiller (that's me)

Over the last 10+ years I've had a lot of experience with the ups and downs of business. Without blowing my own trumpet, here are just some of the things I've achieved so far:

  • I ran an international content agency which turned over £1 million in revenue in its last 4 years
  • I grew that business from the bottom of my bed (as a freelancer) whilst suffering with agoraphobia into an office with a dozen staff.
  • My business experience led to me being offered an MBA scholarship from Warwick Business School despite having zero previous qualifications!
  •  Since launching The Anti-Burnout Club in January 2021 I've been offered a book deal, a TEDx talk, to write for dozens of publications, and been nominated for two Health & Wellbeing magazine awards.
  • I've been in the valley of despair and flying high, and I've learnt a LOT along the way - I can't wait to go on this journey with you.